React Native 发布带有Flipper的v0.62版本

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Announcing React Native 0.62 with Flipper

- Rick Hanlon

React Native继承Flipper

React Native团队最近发布了0.62版本,且集成并默认支持Flipper

Flipper是一个看在AndroidiOS上比较常用的移动端调试工具,这次的版本不止支持新的React Native项目,还支持已有的React Native项目。


  • Metro Actions: Reload the app and trigger the Dev Menu right from the toolbar.
  • Crash Reporter: View crash reports from Android and iOS devices.
  • React DevTools: Use the newest version of React DevTools right alongside all your other tools.
  • Network Inspector: View all of the network requests made by device applications.
  • Metro and Device Logs: View, search, and filter all logs from both Metro and the Device.
  • Native Layout Inspector: View and edit the native layout output by the React Native renderer.
  • Database and Preference Inspectors: View and edit the device databases and preferences.


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